Guided Meditation and Breathwork Classes in Boise, ID

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Our breath is something we rarely think about during our busy lives, and yet it has a very large influence on our physical and even mental well-being. From balancing cortisol levels to boosting immunity and resilience to stressors, if done mindfully throughout the day, breathwork can truly improve our lives. At Salt Sanctuary, we offer breathwork classes alongside our guided meditations, yoga nidra and halotherapy as an all-encompassing source of natural healing and wellbeing. Other benefits of breathwork include:
  • Strengthens lungs and diaphragm
  • Purifies bloodstream
  • Calms nervous system
  • Increases resistance to illnesses like the common cold
  • Activates digestion
  • Removes phlegm
  • Reduces depression

In our guided classes, you will learn the correct posture, breathing rhythms and types of breaths to use in order to master the art of breathwork. From there you can be armed with a lifelong tool for stress management and holistic health.

We invite you to discover the remedies and healing processes that our bodies are naturally drawn towards.
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