Natural Relief for Stress in Meridian Idaho
Natural Relief for Stress in Meridian Idaho

Dry Salt Therapy: How to Remove Mucus From Lungs Naturally in Boise, ID

Receiving Halotherapy sessions in a "salt room" (in which ultra-pure salt is circulated through the air to treat lingering bronchitis symptoms) can be quite effective.

The purity of the salt that our halogenerator grinds and distributes so finely throughout the room is pharmaceutical grade. These micro particles of pure salt that have antibacterial properties helps the body begin to get the benefits of improved breathing and skin concerns.

You may initially feel a slight worsening of your chest congestion because the halotherapy is just getting started on helping you to clear your lungs.
Healing salt therapy in boise id

Natural Ways to Treat Allergies and Relieve Stress

While the focus of this particular page of our site is salt therapy as a natural remedy for bronchitis, many other conditions can be improved in our halotherapy rooms and other Salt Sanctuary services, including:
  • Salt's antibacterial properties is very helpful for clients with cystic fibrosis. 
  • Holistic remedies for allergies
  • Holistic asthma therapy
  • Natural stress relief
  • Sound vibration healing therapy for anxiety
  • Various massage techniques for many different conditions
  • Naturopathic acne and other skin condition treatment
  • Holistic smoke inhalation treatment


Salt Therapy in Boise, Idaho
Salt Therapy in Boise, Idaho
At Salt Sanctuary, we invite you to enjoy all the ways to improve and bring relaxation to your life--from psoriasis relief with this natural treatment, to help stress and bring focus and clarity of though with a sound bath meditation. We're here whenever you'd like to schedule your next massage or salt room session here in Boise.

Give us a call at (208) 417-1818, Contact Us, or make an appointment below to relax your way to a healthier you.
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Sand heart | Salt Sanctuary in Boise Idaho
Sand heart | Salt Sanctuary in Boise Idaho

From a Client

"Wonderful place. Very relaxing and I love the way I feel afterwards. Will be back for more sessions!"

~Tracy S.
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