Natural Relief for Stress in Meridian Idaho
Natural Relief for Stress in Meridian Idaho

Natural Relief for Stress, Anxiety with Halotherapy & Sound Therapy in Boise, ID

Feeling extra stress and anxiety in your life? The therapies at Salt Sanctuary are built to help. Halotherapy sessions in salt rooms can literally help you breathe easier thanks to the natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of pharmaceutical-grade salt. See our Halotherapy Page for more information to answer: "How does salt therapy work?"
Enchanting sound bath in Boise Idaho
Enchanting sound bath in Boise Idaho

Sound Therapy in Boise, ID

Sound healing is an ancient practice. This is a soothing, therapeutic experience, also known as a sound bath. Come be surrounded by the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls to help ease you into a peaceful, mindful state. Crystal bowls resonate at a frequency during vibrational sound therapy that can affect the physical body, lulling you into a peaceful and mindful state of being. Sound can facilitate a shift in the mind and body, helping you work through difficult thoughts or triggering situations.

In addition to the physical aspects of your skin and lungs interacting with the salt circulating in a
halotherapy session or attending a crystal bowl sound immersion session, just the fact that you have time set aside on a regular basis to be in an environment designed to be calm and relaxing, you are creating habits to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Other Natural Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety at Salt Sanctuary

Sound Therapy in Boise Id
Sound Therapy
Salt Sanctuary uses sound baths, also known as crystal bowl sound immersion. This kind of bath does not require changing clothes; Sound therapy is the exposure to specific tones and vibrations from crystal bowls that harmonize with your body to help you relax.
Guided Meditation in Meridian Idaho
Guided Meditation
This particular therapy is when a trained guide verbally leads a client through a mildly scripted exercise to keep the client's mind focused on peaceful, productive thoughts more efficiently than early mindfulness meditation.
Natural Salt Anxiety Relief in Boise
See our Massage Page to learn about the specific types of massage we offer:
  • Facial Massage
  • Bellanina Facelift Massage
  • Essential Oil Massage
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Polarity Massage
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Lymphatic Facilitation
Kirtan Session | Salt Sanctuary | Boise Idaho
Kirtan is a practice with origins in regions in and around India. It involves a group gathering to chant a mantra (consider the stereotypical, "Ohmmm…") and/or enjoy Kirtan music as a way to tap into the energy of other people to leave feeling refreshed and connected.


Healing Halotherapy in Boise Idaho
Healing Halotherapy in Boise Idaho
Whatever you're seeking at Salt Sanctuary, we are confident that the therapies and services we offer can get you started on the topic: "How to have a happy, healthy life."

Give us a call at (208) 417-1818, Contact Us, or make an appointment below to begin your journey to improve your wellbeing.
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Tranquility | Salt Therapy in Eagle Idaho
Tranquility | Salt Therapy in Eagle Idaho

From a Client

"My second time with sound therapy was just as good as the first. I believe in the magic this provides the human body and I am do not practice any organized religion. But this is amazing, pure and simple that the body and soul can easily connect with. 100% will be back for more as the energy I have gained and negative released is worth the price of admission."

~Greg C.
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